Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upgrades? Really?

Some of us in the MS worlds are a little tired... I mean that literally... so when we go to our web pages, sites, blogs, etc. and the famous words needed "upgrade" appears I know for myself it can be so frustrating! Especially when training! It's one thing when you teach someone how to do something and they become a "pro" at it, then comes an upgrade. In some cases its "simple" the "browser" just needs to be updated, but sometimes that "simple" upgrade isn't so "simple". First, let's take into account that some people have NO CLUE what those words actually even mean, or even better that hitting "okay" send the person into uncertain panic that they will for sure crash their perfectly fine computer. Then there are the people that have NO control over their computer upgrades. Yes there are people that have to beg and plead for upgrades... funny in this day and age that there are a group of people that control "upgrades"- BUT YES! Because SMART HORRIBLE people have found wonderful ways to harm computers thus planting viruses in upgrades and sending computers straight into crash mode so whole networks fail to operate... yes this is why people are fearful of the simple task of the "upgrade".... SO why on my "MS" blog am I ranting.... when this sort of thing is normally reserved for "Life in Blogging" (yes please join both- I don't just rant there- promise!) I discovered in talking to a fellow MS "chick" (love her) she stopped the Internet (WHAT) because every time she turned around the computer was asking her to "upgrade" something... I shrugged and said that was sad... then I came to blog today about something TOTALLY unrelated in MY MS journey and WOULDN'T you know it!!! MY OWN MS BLOG WAS TELLING ME I HAD TO UPGRADE!!! KARMA I TELL YOU!  So to all those struck in upgrade mode... go ahead- page me... my beeper may actually work... - HA!