Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holy Hotness

Okay I live in Florida... I get it... its going to be hot... this recent study explained alot http://nationalmssociety.org/news/news-detail/index.aspx?nid=6208

And I had a real good laugh over most of it right up until I read the "hotter months" part... Shoot! Okay umm will someone please tell me which ones those are? Cause we had one day of weather that hit in the 43 degrees wind chill 34 degrees and I thought I might die (seriously). That day (not kidding) I took part in a marathon (bagel anyone?) I felt my feet three days later... it was 75 that day! So then I hear during spring break a cool front my be in store -WHAT? Oh no fear- it's going from 89 to 82... hmmm... these hot months... I'm in March at this point... Here comes April... the A/C at work I don't think ever turned off. The heat did kick on only to let us know it worked, it was on for one morning only to turn off in the afternoon and the A/C kicked right back on! THAT WAS FUNNY! HEAT... I can't tell how many times I sleep with ICE PACKS... Seriously! My head feels like its on fire... so yeah... do I fight the urge to tell these scientist to throw another dart? Yes! This time I do... cause really... how much closer did they come to solving the puzzle with this test?  Ice cream anyone? just hold the cherries!