Monday, December 10, 2012

Drum roll please!

Well the results are in! After a HORRIBLE MRI last Friday (with a nice bruise to show for it), my results are in...
Finding out I had MS in 2005 about killed me! Finding out I had 4 lesions was a blow... how long had this gone on? How did I not know... Oh the questions... They swarmed... I did get lots of answers... National MS Society Great resource!

The years continued on and if you have been following along you know.. I've visited the "tube" a few times...

Well the results are in... yep... since my initial 2004 "finding" I have 4 lesions! (STILL) NO MORE! Yep! My medication is kicking butt and taking names! My one lesion continues to shrink! - love it! and I have another that "seems" smaller although they would NOT go as far to say that, but noted the dimensions as appearing smaller (SAME THING IF YOU ASK ME!)

So... a WIN in my category! Now... if only I could get my hand to stop hurting!