Friday, April 27, 2012

Keeping cool

Recently I was at the ball field (for those tuning in for the first time I have a daughter [10 years old] that plays softball and a husband that umpires our oldest daughter [17 years old] will be starting up soon) and someone asked me-  how do you keep cool, this is FLORIDA? Okay so that narrowed the question down. They weren't talking "field talk" they were talking temperature. Normally I don't use my blogs to self promote myself, I will share a few things that because you don't know what you don't know. I am a Thirty-one consultant (great company by the way). As I was talking with this mom, I pointed down to my personalized thermal tote. ICE PACKS! Oh yes! Being at a ball field anywhere from 3-8 hours on a Saturday or even a week day in Florida can take the best out of any one. League rules can be harsh for any one. But I have found with the line of Thirty-one products an ice packs, its a great pair for the perfect day! So a market thermal, thermal tote or the making memories thermal... the key is always have THERMALS and ice packs for your outing and you are bound to beat the heat!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exercise... hmm

Living in MS world brings a couple of challenges, the biggest being my weight. Okay so that isn't the biggest, but for me (the chick that thinks of herself as a person with MS for about 5 minutes a day) my weight causes quite the struggle. While most hop into some big exercise program, start running and just sweat out the pounds. Everyone with MS nod and say it with me... I wish! Those that know can all agree heat is the biggest issue. I wondered for years why while others drip sweat in buckets I am lucky if I get a dab on my brow- regulating temperature is just not something I do- that's problem one! Image running and not knowing you are overheating until you already- its called heat stroke! I have been sitting at the ball field its 90 something everyone is sweating, me not so much... and then boom! headache, weakness, light coming towards me... ice pack in hand (carry them with me always) I start my cool down. So I always "fear" exercise programs and trainers. Mainly because they look at me and "think sure I get you fit, first we will get you sweating..." STOP RIGHT THERE! You'll get me in a hospital bed before I am dripping buckets... I have tapes I have all sorts of stuff, and yet never have I dripped buckets... so now I am back into swim suit season... OKAY HERE I GO AGAIN... I live in Florida... we have no real swim suit season... but I am trying to give an image to my urgency... The kids want to go to the beach any moment we have free... and why not it's awesome! So as people flood me with ideas on how to lose my "baby weight" (she 10 and he's 15 almost 16- and YES I totally still blame them- why not?)  please remember there are oh so many things that due to my MS, hand surgeries and other limitations I just simply can't do! I LOVE my sports and I love bike riding... I am going to be right back on that bike :) that's for sure!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Emotions run high

Have you ever started thinking about writing one thing and then moved in another direction? yeah that is kind of stuff going on in my life right now. While I am constantly posting about my MS and the stress that comes with... I often find that there are alot of times when I find so many great things in my life that focusing on survival, Survival- yes, doesn't really seem like something I need to talk about. Mental and physical. My body is going non-stop and my mind sometimes to forgets to remind the rest of me to just chill. But when I get that reminder, its hard and fast! Emotionally, I'm the queen of the world- are you kidding me... read my bio some day when you have time to kill! If I am not doing it, I am it! I just have to find that perfect medium... any ideas?
Well, I do know that I will continue to enjoy the art of peace and beauty... because I do know that photos provide that pleasure... and I totally enjoy it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holy Hotness

Okay I live in Florida... I get it... its going to be hot... this recent study explained alot

And I had a real good laugh over most of it right up until I read the "hotter months" part... Shoot! Okay umm will someone please tell me which ones those are? Cause we had one day of weather that hit in the 43 degrees wind chill 34 degrees and I thought I might die (seriously). That day (not kidding) I took part in a marathon (bagel anyone?) I felt my feet three days later... it was 75 that day! So then I hear during spring break a cool front my be in store -WHAT? Oh no fear- it's going from 89 to 82... hmmm... these hot months... I'm in March at this point... Here comes April... the A/C at work I don't think ever turned off. The heat did kick on only to let us know it worked, it was on for one morning only to turn off in the afternoon and the A/C kicked right back on! THAT WAS FUNNY! HEAT... I can't tell how many times I sleep with ICE PACKS... Seriously! My head feels like its on fire... so yeah... do I fight the urge to tell these scientist to throw another dart? Yes! This time I do... cause really... how much closer did they come to solving the puzzle with this test?  Ice cream anyone? just hold the cherries!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I am sure happiness is what everyone hopes for in life. In the realm of MS I think the word "happiness" takes on a whole new meaning. I know for myself it has. What once made me "happy" has shifted. Some might argue that has come with age, I would argue it comes with perspective. I am sure most people I went to school with don't wake up wondering if they will be able to see or if today will be the day they can't walk. No, I think it really has nothing to do with age and more about perspective. Sure every morning I get out of bed (score) and see my alarm clock (double score) I know I have started the day off winning the MS battle for that day. And while I MIGHT be super tired and have sore legs or whatever else, I know that the big tell tale signs didn't win- I am happy! I do push the envelop a little farther than I should, but I also know I am racing a clock that has no time on it. It won't give me the date, the month, the year when I do wake up and can't see again- or when I go to move and my leg or legs say "no". Till then I'm happy flying around doing and being a million things to a million people... and hopefully a little bit of an inspiration. Not because I want someone to feel bad, but because I want people to know, this decease STINKS and its scary and lonely- but I am HAPPY cause today, today I am great!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking on too much?

Someone once asked me- "how do you do it?" "Do what?" - I didn't quite understand the question mainly because I really have never looked at life like you have "options". I always look at life like you just do... sure you have options, you can always say "no". But then I am always afraid of what I will miss out on. For instance... being a mom- sure I could have said it wasn't for me- but anyone who knows me knows that Aubri means "ruler of the little people" and since my sisters all grew up and are now taller than me that meant children! Sure they are slowly growing taller too- but they will always be my kids- ha! Well at least in my mind! So work- well sure I could be a stay at home mom- but I tired that... I am NOT good at it! I need work... in some form! So I love my newest venture- Thirty-one! It allows me to spend time with wonderful people and be apart of a great company! Am I taking on too much- not at all! I love my life... and I would LOVE to share it with you! Not to mention- HELLO FREE STUFF! Time away from "life" and meeting great people- sorry- but what's not to love!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Long work days combined with worried nights add to the need for sleep. Sometimes life takes us by surprise. Events, people, and of coarse illness can be so unpredictable that we often find ourselves looking forward to the moments when we are lost in sleep. I often wonder when I see people in a wheelchair, do they dream about walking? Is it rude to ask? I know in some of my dreams I run- I mean really run... not hop along like I have no purpose, but run like I have to be first to finish the marathon. I don't run, for the record. The only running I ever have done was spiriting. I have always loved the sound of the "gun" followed by the quickness of people flying to the finish, only for it to be over with before it really started- yep the sprint. Long runs, that is just boring. Put me on a bike... now we are talking! Love the feel of the air in my face. In Florida it's almost impossible to find the "hills" I had growing up as a child, but that said, the wind is still there. I think when life is at its hardest, that's where I go... my bike, cool air hitting my face, hearing all the sounds around me. Then when I need a rest I see the lake in all its beauty- yes, sometimes you just need to sleep.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The lighter side

I like to think I laugh through some of the "yucky" parts of life because sometimes that is just easier. Having pain, tummy pain, head aches and then the fear that this is just the beginning I guess comes with the territory. But I for one decided a while back I was "redefining" the territory. I wasn't going to just be a MS person mainly because I don't really know what that means. What does that mean? So often people can't even say what causes the disease and we all know there is no cure. So if we have no idea how to prevent something or cure it,  or what is "it" how do we "act" it... I think that is the big question... While there can never be an "act" about anything... When you tell someone you have cancer, they understand. They may not know what you are feeling, but they understand. When you tell someone you have diabetes they know, you need to watch what you eat and you have other health concerns. But when you say I have MS- so often you get a blank stare- and people have no idea what that actually means, and well... neither do I... well in the sense of how to relate that to someone. Cause while I may be laughing and having a great time one minute an hour later I might feel horrible and just want to sleep. I may want to go for a bike ride (yes seriously) and then come home and sleep for 3 hours. There are days when my legs are killing me (not because I went on a bike ride) and then there are days when I could walk for miles- and do! I guess I just have to think of it this way- I can't really explain it, but I have good days, I have great days, then I have days when getting out of bed was the bed accomplishment. Pounding head... yep their is a lighter side to it all while it sounds odd, I can talk about it all, write about, think about it... I'm here! I'm living! My steps are bigger these days, have a little more meaning, seem to need to reach a little farther... but for me as long as the feet are in cute shoes, the fact that they are steps... it suits me just fine... that's the lighter side!
Don't miss a moment of beauty! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Migraine!

My week is a marathon. I am always aware of that, and I am also aware of the fact that because of that- I'm stupid! Yes seriously! I know that sounds totally harsh, but let's look at this from the perspective of a Doctor writing prescriptions. "Aubri- let's look at your week"- (THIS WEEK)
Monday- work 8-5 (means getting up at 6 daughter to school by 7:20), Daughter's softball game- home at 9 (ish)- bed at 10 (ish).
Tuesday- work (8-5- same story)- Took youngest to the field ("quality time"- yep crazy!) home at 8:30 pm, Bed at 11.
Wednesday- ah HELL! WORK- Let's have fun- SCHOOL 6pm- 10pm (I'm serious)- bed- PLEASE DEAR GOD by 11!
Thursday- CRAP WORK- wonder if my daughter still cares about school? yep! Dang!- Oh yeah- forgot- work time 8:30 PM (YOU FEEL ME)- oh you are probably already asleep at this point! I know I am! Home cause seriously where else am I suppose to go? BED- (after internet "playtime" 10)
Friday- Drop of the kid- Now do I have a meeting? THIS WEEK YES! DANG! THAT MEANS WORK 8-5 MAN!!!! Meeting at 6 till 9 (no rest for the wicked- or something like that)
Saturday- I want to see my HUBBY! That will be at a BALL FIELD! It's FLORIDA- It's HOT!
Sunday- Take one guess!!!

Can ANYONE guess why WEDNESDAY at 10 am I sporting a migraine?

I love my Doctor... and his words ALWAYS crack me up... Aubri... you do remember you have MS right? And you do remember you suffer from Migraines? Do you THINK you could ever just relax? Hmmm ah No! I'll have PLENTY of time for that... someday... for now... I'll take my meds... ON TIME, Drink lots of water, and sleep... when I think I can! HA!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Upgrades? Really?

Some of us in the MS worlds are a little tired... I mean that literally... so when we go to our web pages, sites, blogs, etc. and the famous words needed "upgrade" appears I know for myself it can be so frustrating! Especially when training! It's one thing when you teach someone how to do something and they become a "pro" at it, then comes an upgrade. In some cases its "simple" the "browser" just needs to be updated, but sometimes that "simple" upgrade isn't so "simple". First, let's take into account that some people have NO CLUE what those words actually even mean, or even better that hitting "okay" send the person into uncertain panic that they will for sure crash their perfectly fine computer. Then there are the people that have NO control over their computer upgrades. Yes there are people that have to beg and plead for upgrades... funny in this day and age that there are a group of people that control "upgrades"- BUT YES! Because SMART HORRIBLE people have found wonderful ways to harm computers thus planting viruses in upgrades and sending computers straight into crash mode so whole networks fail to operate... yes this is why people are fearful of the simple task of the "upgrade".... SO why on my "MS" blog am I ranting.... when this sort of thing is normally reserved for "Life in Blogging" (yes please join both- I don't just rant there- promise!) I discovered in talking to a fellow MS "chick" (love her) she stopped the Internet (WHAT) because every time she turned around the computer was asking her to "upgrade" something... I shrugged and said that was sad... then I came to blog today about something TOTALLY unrelated in MY MS journey and WOULDN'T you know it!!! MY OWN MS BLOG WAS TELLING ME I HAD TO UPGRADE!!! KARMA I TELL YOU!  So to all those struck in upgrade mode... go ahead- page me... my beeper may actually work... - HA!