Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exercise... hmm

Living in MS world brings a couple of challenges, the biggest being my weight. Okay so that isn't the biggest, but for me (the chick that thinks of herself as a person with MS for about 5 minutes a day) my weight causes quite the struggle. While most hop into some big exercise program, start running and just sweat out the pounds. Everyone with MS nod and say it with me... I wish! Those that know can all agree heat is the biggest issue. I wondered for years why while others drip sweat in buckets I am lucky if I get a dab on my brow- regulating temperature is just not something I do- that's problem one! Image running and not knowing you are overheating until you already- its called heat stroke! I have been sitting at the ball field its 90 something everyone is sweating, me not so much... and then boom! headache, weakness, light coming towards me... ice pack in hand (carry them with me always) I start my cool down. So I always "fear" exercise programs and trainers. Mainly because they look at me and "think sure I get you fit, first we will get you sweating..." STOP RIGHT THERE! You'll get me in a hospital bed before I am dripping buckets... I have tapes I have all sorts of stuff, and yet never have I dripped buckets... so now I am back into swim suit season... OKAY HERE I GO AGAIN... I live in Florida... we have no real swim suit season... but I am trying to give an image to my urgency... The kids want to go to the beach any moment we have free... and why not it's awesome! So as people flood me with ideas on how to lose my "baby weight" (she 10 and he's 15 almost 16- and YES I totally still blame them- why not?)  please remember there are oh so many things that due to my MS, hand surgeries and other limitations I just simply can't do! I LOVE my sports and I love bike riding... I am going to be right back on that bike :) that's for sure!