Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Migraine!

My week is a marathon. I am always aware of that, and I am also aware of the fact that because of that- I'm stupid! Yes seriously! I know that sounds totally harsh, but let's look at this from the perspective of a Doctor writing prescriptions. "Aubri- let's look at your week"- (THIS WEEK)
Monday- work 8-5 (means getting up at 6 daughter to school by 7:20), Daughter's softball game- home at 9 (ish)- bed at 10 (ish).
Tuesday- work (8-5- same story)- Took youngest to the field ("quality time"- yep crazy!) home at 8:30 pm, Bed at 11.
Wednesday- ah HELL! WORK- Let's have fun- SCHOOL 6pm- 10pm (I'm serious)- bed- PLEASE DEAR GOD by 11!
Thursday- CRAP WORK- wonder if my daughter still cares about school? yep! Dang!- Oh yeah- forgot- work time 8:30 PM (YOU FEEL ME)- oh you are probably already asleep at this point! I know I am! Home cause seriously where else am I suppose to go? BED- (after internet "playtime" 10)
Friday- Drop of the kid- Now do I have a meeting? THIS WEEK YES! DANG! THAT MEANS WORK 8-5 MAN!!!! Meeting at 6 till 9 (no rest for the wicked- or something like that)
Saturday- I want to see my HUBBY! That will be at a BALL FIELD! It's FLORIDA- It's HOT!
Sunday- Take one guess!!!

Can ANYONE guess why WEDNESDAY at 10 am I sporting a migraine?

I love my Doctor... and his words ALWAYS crack me up... Aubri... you do remember you have MS right? And you do remember you suffer from Migraines? Do you THINK you could ever just relax? Hmmm ah No! I'll have PLENTY of time for that... someday... for now... I'll take my meds... ON TIME, Drink lots of water, and sleep... when I think I can! HA!