Monday, April 16, 2012


I am sure happiness is what everyone hopes for in life. In the realm of MS I think the word "happiness" takes on a whole new meaning. I know for myself it has. What once made me "happy" has shifted. Some might argue that has come with age, I would argue it comes with perspective. I am sure most people I went to school with don't wake up wondering if they will be able to see or if today will be the day they can't walk. No, I think it really has nothing to do with age and more about perspective. Sure every morning I get out of bed (score) and see my alarm clock (double score) I know I have started the day off winning the MS battle for that day. And while I MIGHT be super tired and have sore legs or whatever else, I know that the big tell tale signs didn't win- I am happy! I do push the envelop a little farther than I should, but I also know I am racing a clock that has no time on it. It won't give me the date, the month, the year when I do wake up and can't see again- or when I go to move and my leg or legs say "no". Till then I'm happy flying around doing and being a million things to a million people... and hopefully a little bit of an inspiration. Not because I want someone to feel bad, but because I want people to know, this decease STINKS and its scary and lonely- but I am HAPPY cause today, today I am great!