Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking on too much?

Someone once asked me- "how do you do it?" "Do what?" - I didn't quite understand the question mainly because I really have never looked at life like you have "options". I always look at life like you just do... sure you have options, you can always say "no". But then I am always afraid of what I will miss out on. For instance... being a mom- sure I could have said it wasn't for me- but anyone who knows me knows that Aubri means "ruler of the little people" and since my sisters all grew up and are now taller than me that meant children! Sure they are slowly growing taller too- but they will always be my kids- ha! Well at least in my mind! So work- well sure I could be a stay at home mom- but I tired that... I am NOT good at it! I need work... in some form! So I love my newest venture- Thirty-one! It allows me to spend time with wonderful people and be apart of a great company! Am I taking on too much- not at all! I love my life... and I would LOVE to share it with you! Not to mention- HELLO FREE STUFF! Time away from "life" and meeting great people- sorry- but what's not to love!