Sunday, May 3, 2015

Head fog

After only getting less than 3 hours of sleep last night (this morning) I ended up having a pretty functional day. Accompanying my husband to the grocery store and got my lunches packed for the week. I started dinner in the slow cooker and then helped my daughter with some much needed guidance.
Then it was time to test my shoulder. Only one way to see how well my workouts have helped... I figured some bonding with my daughter over some archery way the best way to do both!
Problem with full days... Fatigue creeps in quickly and head fog can be painfully real.
It becomes debilitating to the point of just wanting to chill. Doesn't do well for a social life. But laying in a comfy bed, watching tv, and catching up on the news (or newsfeeds) is just what the Dr ordered!
Snuggling in shifts with everyone who stops by (kids & hubby) is an added bonus. Of coarse having a dog that doesn't want to leave your side is even sweeter.
Yep, I'm hoping I get a full nights rest. Cause tomorrow I've got a full day. I don't have time for head fog and I certainly don't have time for MS.
I'm Made Strong...