Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Knowing better

Headed out to an event yesterday I grabbed my water bottle, walked over to where I fill it up and made sure to put lots of ice and water in it. I then made my way. When I arrived, I climbed out of my car to a parking attendant who clearly was a volunteer that didn't volunteer. In the midst of all the "fun" of parking, my water bottle stayed in the car. (Strike one)

Walking over the sea of people I saw many familiar faces, I knew it would be a great event just based on the cause. We were celebrating the 300th habitat house for our area, what's not to celebrate? But with that comes speeches (strike two).

Standing there for over an hour, the heat really started to get to me. I fanned my self with the program as best I could. The moment I stopped I could feel my face, my cheeks literally burn up from the inside. A strange sensation, but it was clear, I was overheating. A woman was walking through the crowd handing out little tiny water bottles (I could drink 4 of those and still be thirty) and she missed me at every pass. (strike three- way OUT).

 The ceremony FINALLY came to a close and the new owner opened her door. I could feel the cool air on my face as though it was an answer from above. But as everyone was rushing inside for a quick refreshing feel, it quickly was going away. The doors were being opened all over the home, the cool air was leaving faster and faster. I found the cooler of little baby waters (as I like to call them) and wanted to dump them out and climb in with the ice (I probably should have). Instead, all lady like, I reach in and grabbed just one... (I'm up to bat again at this point) Strike ONE!

I politely talk to everyone but found that EVERYONE was making it too uncomfortable too quickly and found my way back out into the heat. But not for long... I made "the rounds" got out of there glad to see people I hadn't in a while.

Heading back to my car it was all I could do to climb into my now 40 billion degree car and head back to my office. With the A/C on high I was grateful it still works like the day I got my car. My trusty water bottle was right where I left it, just completely melted. I didn't take a sip (Strike two).

I got back to my office and sat there trying to cool off, I even wore my neck cooling thing (should have worn it there- that would have required thought I guess). But the heat just never really went away. It was one of those things where I just threw myself into work and never really made time to relax and allow my body to cool... ah can you say STRIKE THREE!

As I drove home, I could already feel it coming. I felt it coming even before I left the office. But it hit HARD as I crossed the street heading to my car. Like a truck hit me, my head just screamed- WE ARE DONE!

YOU ARE OUT! Driving home was beyond painful, it was all I could do to keep my car on the road. I spoke with my husband for a good portion of it, letting him know about dinner arrangements, my day, etc. I think it was my way of survival. It was something anyway. I got to the point where I just laid my head in my hand and drove with the other. Great traveling, I know... and I know I know better. I just wanted to get home.
My medication was at HOME... Yeah, I know... I know better about that too.
But I did get home, took it, laid down for a brief moment with an ice pack before we had to leave for dinner.

I did make it through dinner, and I was grateful I didn't have to miss out. Because that's the biggest part about MS I HATE! I don't ever want to "MISS OUT".

Yeah, I know better, but will I continue to push it.. yeah, I will... but that's just who I am...

Claire Wiseman, Times Staff Writer, Habitat for Humanity 300th home

Welcome home Harrell Family!