Monday, December 23, 2013

The month is gone?

It's December 24... I noticed that I last wrote like well beyond a month and a 5k ago. Yeah, a 5k! I ran/walked a 5k because I'm that girl. The girl who "forgets" she has limits. The girl who just wakes up and decides she's going on a hike- yeah- that girl. But not without my ice vest during, and after. And it did come in handy! But that was then...

This month has been hard. A total emotional roller coaster ride filled with ups and downs. I went to my Neuro and my vitals were great (including my weight- for a change), only to get my blood work back a few days later. My white blood cells were at the lowest he'd allow for me to be among the "living" as in not under some form of serious treatment... Yikes! I totally didn't even like the sound of that. So I did what I normally do, I ignored him. He told me he wanted blood work every month for the next 6 months (he's blaming my medication- it very well could be), and if no improvement, well, we'll drop back and punt. I don't see him as much of a kicker and I really see this as more of a Charlie Brown episode, so since I LOVE my computer anyone who knows me know what I did next. Yep... lots of research to find ways to safely raise my white blood cells. I wasn't about to "fail" any more tests. 

I do need to get better at keeping myself informed (thus this blog) at what I'm up to. And amusing the rest of the world in the process

It's hard to believe I have really been so bad at keeping track, but then again, we are talking about an issue that involves my brain, so not a complete shocker. Note to self... Blog better. Ha! Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! You deserve it.
And just remember- you aren't alone!

Cause behind the scenes... MS affects us all!