Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lectured by my Doctor- Whatever!

Okay, so I had a migraine. I called the office Monday morning (July 1st) complaining and begging to get in. My medication was barely helping and I was dipping into more than I was suppose to take. I let the nurse (who has been my nurse since 2004) know I wanted the shots. That is NOT something I ever ask for! I was in serious pain. She said she was so sorry but they didn't have any appointments because of the holiday, and the earliest they had was the following Monday (July 8th). I took it! She stated that if they got ANY cancellations they would call, and I said- "PLEASE DO!"
July 8th... yeah- they never had any cancellations. When I got the phone call on July 5th I got all excited, only to be let down when the woman on the other end was "confirming" my appointment. Seriously? YES, I'll be there... Or I'll be dead- in that case I won't need the shots.
So I'm sitting in the room and in walks my cute little Doctor (Yes I have told him I could take him from time to time- today was no time for jokes). He comes in looking over my chart and starts in... "Oh Aubri, I just saw you... why am I seeing you so soon- it's not because you like the chairs." I indulge him but telling him how much I've missed him (in the two weeks since my last appointment) and I just couldn't stay away and besides I love paying co-pays! Now he knows I've gone off the deep end. He asks what and how long, and when I answer his first response is to not feel bad for me, but to chew me out. WHAT! He starts in about how I should have called in and request an earlier appointment- ah- I don't control his schedule. Then he says I should have requested certain drugs- ah- I don't normally "ask" for any drugs- ah check the record Doc! As he is looking over my forms and notes (this is my 5th file- he really is an awesome Doc) he says- "Aubri, you can't let this go! What am I to do with you?" At which point I quip- " just fix me and lecture me when I feel better". He laughs... saying, "There you are! Okay... I was worried for a minute". Returning to the room he says today I needed a double... okay- whatever- just make it work- and fast! A double Occipital Nerve Block later (as in both sides and a large dose) some relief was on the way. Then as I am getting ready to leave he turns and says... "you know, you keep this up I'll have to use a pump to treat you." I sign and walk away. Whatever!!! I wasn't in the mood for a lecture and I certainly wasn't in the mood for a threat! He should know better anyway. For now the original local anesthetic has warn off, and the medication (steroid) really hasn't kicked through yet so all I am really left with in a really sore pain in my neck from the two injection sites with hopes neither bruise. Spent last night with an ice-pack- here's to hoping!