Thursday, November 7, 2013

No love for that pink bunny!

Remember all those energizer bunny commercials? "Nothing beats an energizer... they keep going, and going..." I've got a hammer that says otherwise! Too much?

This is about the time of day where one of two things happen- 1) my boss shows up with a "great idea" for a project that "won't take that long" (try a couple days or weeks) or 2) my head all but whips back till my neck realizes it's still attached to the rest of my body. While convenient on so many levels (I probably would leave it around the house), its not exactly the greatest sensation. "Forced" whiplash from a wreck is one thing, but telling people you have a "sore neck" because you fell asleep gets you no love.

Sleep takes on new meaning in the world of MS. The world of sleep will argue that there is such thing as too much and then too little. Well, when you add in MS- take all the "sleep studies" on the "correct number needed" and THROW that data right out the window! It's crap! There are days when I sleep 2-3 hours and I function like a champ! Other times- complete zombie! Then there are times when I get 16 hours of sleep (I am so not joking- my husband sees the need for my sleep and threatens the kids with death if they bother me). I awake from my hibernation as though I had just gone to bed. Other times I wake totally refreshed ready to roof the house, re-pave the driveway, and clean the house top to bottom...

People will say, in a whinny voice that is like nails on the chalk board, that I should try to go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Yep! I've done that... result- one day I wake up nice and refreshed, another (in a weeks time) I wake up as if I never went to bed...

Totally crazy!
The final result- this long ranting blog that probably makes no sense other than to other MS'ers, and maybe some young mothers that would love nothing more than to get one full night of sleep! (NyQuil does work!) The key is YOU take it, not the kids! Who knows how they are through the night, but hey two key lessons are learned! 1) You can sleep through the night 2) They will survive all night without seeing you and you might be a happier person to be around. - On a side note- don't get cheap diapers and for God's sake don't give your bundle of joy the largest meal of the day right before bedtime. You will learn what an artist you have in your home, at the same time you will learn your gag reflex potential. Love will be tested! Spare yourself! Or purchase a really good fire pit and pressure washer, and "carpet cleaner"... sheets sometimes can't be saved, it happens. And when you are washing those walls off- you'll thank me! Just remember- wash- then carpet cleaner... No one will ever know ;)

Maybe I do need a nap. If I were President- we wouldn't quit nap time in preschool or kindergarten. I think that's why we have all the issues in schools and the workplace- we got away from nap time. Our brains need a "time-out", we shouldn't fight it... After all we aren't an energizer bunny!