Thursday, December 13, 2012

MRI Trackers

For those of you keeping track... yes my MRI did come back with great results... After all these years my MS has not continued to "get worse". Something that is of some sort of miracle! My hand on the other hand (sorry folks) is another story. Grant it, I did have to do a TON of typing this week. Between a paper and work, I've been on my computer quite a bit. That stinks! My hand has not had a break. My bruise is a deep one, so on the surface of my hand is the tale-tell light brown shades of bruises. But to the touch- Ice pick feelings all the way. Gripping items is so painful it makes me wince. But I have been trying as I might to grin and bare it as much as I can.
I guess all things considering, I'm lucky. But today my eye is twitching, and I am NOT in the mood to deal with that! Not in the slightest...

Ready for my bed! Too bad its 5 and I won't see it till almost 9!

Makes me ready for the beach!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Drum roll please!

Well the results are in! After a HORRIBLE MRI last Friday (with a nice bruise to show for it), my results are in...
Finding out I had MS in 2005 about killed me! Finding out I had 4 lesions was a blow... how long had this gone on? How did I not know... Oh the questions... They swarmed... I did get lots of answers... National MS Society Great resource!

The years continued on and if you have been following along you know.. I've visited the "tube" a few times...

Well the results are in... yep... since my initial 2004 "finding" I have 4 lesions! (STILL) NO MORE! Yep! My medication is kicking butt and taking names! My one lesion continues to shrink! - love it! and I have another that "seems" smaller although they would NOT go as far to say that, but noted the dimensions as appearing smaller (SAME THING IF YOU ASK ME!)

So... a WIN in my category! Now... if only I could get my hand to stop hurting!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Naps are good- right?

Why did we give up nap time? I mean when we were little we were told "take a nap". Then we got all big for ourselves and didn't need a stupid nap. Oh let me tell you- 10 am, yeah I'm ready! 2 pm doesn't sound to bad either! I think we forgot along the way how great naps are.

My dogs haven't, that's for sure. Those two run around like crazy teens, then bust into the house and poof- what- nap time... Nice. Now don't get me wrong I don't want to be a dog, licking myself isn't on my to-do list. But seriously, I wouldn't mind laying on the couch, moving to my bed, and then back to the couch, go for a walk, eat, drink some water, go for a walk, take a nap... Okay maybe the dog thing isn't that bad...

I wouldn't have to worry about finding matching shoes in the morning. But I am sure I am not prepared to just give up shoes. Ah, shoes! One of my wonder vices. Another reason I need a nap...
I've taught her how to nap well!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

World wind travel

If someone told me that a person with MS would drive 17 hours straight I would laugh at you... oh wait... that person is me! Seriously! Florida to Ohio! Then tragedy struck and with my Grandmother's passing a service in Michigan was added to my trip. Almost 6 hours away, I had to figure out my plans. I needed to get home (Florida) but service was Saturday. So I did what any normal person would do. Saturday morning, I drove to Michigan (6 hours) attended the service, then drove home (6 hours). I then used Sunday to rest my eyes, legs, hip, and most importantly my back (we will leave my rear end out of it). Then Monday came, at 5:05 I had my 2 kids in the car and we "rolled". Well they slept, I rolled... I drove home...16 1/2 hours later I pulled into the drive. Nuts? Maybe. Driven, Ha! I know that is rather funny. But I have always loved to drive. I guess with MS that is one of my biggest fear. THAT DAY. The day when I can no longer drive, not 16 hours but for 5 minutes. It's a reality I know. Hopefully not for a long long time, but when that day comes it will be about as bad as the day I found out. Some things you just can't get back. My freedom to come and go, that will be a big one.
Since I could drive I have always loved the ability to "just go". Back in Ohio I would drive around when things were "yucky" and enjoy the scenery, well gas was around $1 at that time. When things were real bad, I made the drive up North to the lake to take it all in. That freedom of the drive, is something I can't image not having. So when people ask me, "why on earth would you do it?" It's simple... cause I can!
Love hitting the road!                                    Drive in style!

  States always welcome you                         The leaves are beautiful        

Just nothing like the views!