Thursday, December 13, 2012

MRI Trackers

For those of you keeping track... yes my MRI did come back with great results... After all these years my MS has not continued to "get worse". Something that is of some sort of miracle! My hand on the other hand (sorry folks) is another story. Grant it, I did have to do a TON of typing this week. Between a paper and work, I've been on my computer quite a bit. That stinks! My hand has not had a break. My bruise is a deep one, so on the surface of my hand is the tale-tell light brown shades of bruises. But to the touch- Ice pick feelings all the way. Gripping items is so painful it makes me wince. But I have been trying as I might to grin and bare it as much as I can.
I guess all things considering, I'm lucky. But today my eye is twitching, and I am NOT in the mood to deal with that! Not in the slightest...

Ready for my bed! Too bad its 5 and I won't see it till almost 9!

Makes me ready for the beach!