Thursday, January 3, 2013


Who would you donate $100 to? That was the question my youngest daughter's school poses to them each year for an essay question. While most head straight towards breast cancer- that one is easy, just about everyone knows someone that has been affected and or lost someone. Some tackle rare deceases closer to home. Some want to support the troops- ALWAYS HONORABLE!
I got home late last night from school (my quest for world domination- okay maybe not that- I'll "settle" for my Masters) at 10:30 pm after a LONG full day at work. My kids were all in bed - normal, even during a break- have I ever mentioned I've got GREAT kids- I do! As I walked through the door, sticking out was a notepad on my office (Thirty-One Company) desk. I picked it up to see what it was figuring it was a "Dear Mom, went through the new catalog- it's awesome- again- January 4th I want..."
Instead, I found what was inside my 10 year-old's heart...
Her essay contained nothing but love for me, a little fear that she may someday be diagnosed with a disease that has no cure, and hope that her $100 donation to the National MS Society would continue to help provide the valuable time she has with me.
Powerful words from someone so young... so while I have no idea what the outcome will be for the actual contest. I do know she continues to win my heart over...