Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cold, Flu, MS?

Leg pain, fever, headache (like a migraine), sinus pain, hit by a truck feel, fatigue like no one's business! CHECK< CHECK< CHECK< CHECK< CHECK < CHECK! MAN!
As a person who suffers migraines and takes daily medication for everything listed (other than the truck feeling) each issue on its own could be diagnosed as just another issue associated with living with MS- doesn't that just stink- OR my migraines (even better). But this is flu season, so to add to the mystery of it all, and complicate matters we add in the fever. Now looking at any of your average medications to treat MS you find side affects- Fever, chills "flu like symptoms". SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!! This is NOT helping!
My NORMAL feeling (HA, I said "NORMAL") is NOT FLU, so I use that as a barometer. I figure that makes sense. (Ha, did you see that- I said "sense"). I figured if out of months of taking the same medications I didn't have my husband inform me I felt "warm" and I didn't feel like the mac truck ran over me, backed up and ran over me again... we were pointing in a different direction. Medical degree not included. But just to be on the safe side I figured I would contact those people that studied to obtain one.
The call that TOTALLY cracked me up! So I call my primary doctor, and remind them I have MS (you know a decease where my immune system fights itself cause it doesn't know any better and GOD FORBID I get around sick people), they tell me they are completely booked, have nothing, but recommend I go to the walk-in clinic- that is where they are sending everyone that thinks they may have the flu. Ah STOP! So I may or may not be sick, BUT I am going to go to a clinic where a bunch of people are pretty sure they are sick? Somewhere, I think I am missing the point... Yes... I want help, but not at the cost of becoming even sicker from people I am sure are taking every precaution of remaining sanitary. (YEAH RIGHT!) I instantly had visions of people in a waiting room coughing and hacking on magazines and wiping there noses and reaching across me while trying to grab a copy of "Time"... No! WebMD works just as well. Grant it all things eventually lead to cancer or death of you "click" enough things but I was willing to take that risk. I know enough to know, keep my hands clean (ah duh, really), drink lots of fluids (good thing my husband keeps enough wine in the house- I mean Gatorade of course- and I drink water on my own), and eat healthy (by healthy a supreme pizza should count because it has all the food groups right?- yeah yeah I got it). And rest- (you are talking to the queen of rest- unless there is a really good football game is on and then all best are off- food sort of goes out the window too- sorry!). 
BUT seriously, I KNOW the difference between- CRAP my nose is running away (need more decongestant), mac truck (Thera Flu warranted!) and MS (got MEDS!).
The big thing is KNOW the signs, KNOW your body, and for goodness sake- STAY AWAY from people! Get REST, even when you think you are superwoman (or man), the pillow is a wonderful healer...

Because after all...
Behind the scenes of MS...
Lives a GIRL who chooses to LIVE HER LIFE!