Monday, October 15, 2012

Leg Pain

Two weekends in a row... what gives? I think if I slowed down during the week and rested I would probably find the same thing, but for the last two weekends the minute I rest my legs let me know that they are NOT happy. The pain I feel in BOTH legs is so not cool. This weekend I ended up wrapping BOTH legs in ace bandages and did feel instant relief. BUT the point is, I didn't get to LIVE my life. I had a "to do" list that just didn't get DONE. My floors didn't get clean, my rock garden out front- not weeded (I actually like doing that), and I didn't trim the branches to this really cool growing (yes I am growing stuff) plant! I had school work too.... nope didn't touch it. I did manage to get to a party. That was super awesome. Not because I got out, not because the party was awesome (okay the party was awesome), but because it was one thing on my "to do list" that did get DONE. I did take Lizzy to the library, but only because in getting costumes I talked her into the cutest costume and then when we got home she reminded me why she needed a costume to begin with. OOPPS! Funny thing about my memory! So yeah, come to remember (not sure why she didn't bring this up) she was reading a story about witches and would do her report on that- so she needed a witch costume. We did find a new book to match her costume so all is not lost... Ahh...
Now it's Monday and honestly, I think my legs are at it again! I take enough medication that really this shouldn't be an issue... the fact that I can stay awake... That is a miracle!

Well- at least I got some stuff done- right?