Sunday, April 13, 2014

Body changes

Each time I go in to see my favorite neurologist the appointment goes pretty much the same (luckily). Patty, MY nurse since before I even was diagoised with MS (I saw them first for migraines), calls my name and asks me at this point in the game if I want to be weighed... Seriously. She'll look down, ask, I look at what I'm wearing and make a decision. If I do decide to jump on and the number came up way too high (my thoughts) she'd say "well, should we go with something a couple digits lower...." God I love her! So then we leave that area, head to the room and update the actual file... I mean it's been three- four months, I might have grown a horn in that amount of time. After we have established that I really am their boring patient, she goes and gets the grand wizard, aka my Doctor. I love messing with them! 
He comes in, mind you on a great day he weighs a buck ten and he's maybe 5'2". He was giving me a hard time at one appointment about the number of migraines and the amount of stress/work,etc. I laughed, looked straight at him and said with a perfectly straight face, "and I could still take you!" At which point he started laughing and said, " I'm glad you haven't lost your spunk, Let's go ahead and treat your migraine." Ah, yeah... Ya think! He does love me...
So now he goes through all,his questions and his normal (I call it DUI) neuro testing, has me walk, and then asks me if there is anything he's missed. This is always my favorite part, not because he asks, but because sometimes I remember things I want to talk about (hello I have a brain issue!) other times I completely forget and get to the car or worse get home and am totally annoyed I forgot. 
This last appointment, I had my list. I also had printed the article I was featured in and framed for both of them as a gift. I wrote personal "thank-yous" and sat ready for my appointment. 
As Patty took me back, I did climb on the scale.mi was super pleased with the work I have been doing, and Patty laughed as she captured the "awesome" progress. Dang, now I have to keep that up! She took me back, ask me for my updates, that's when I gave her the frame...
Appointment went well,questions got answered, MRI got ordered. I was very pleased when the results came back... 10 years and nothing new, nothing larger. 
There are days when I feel awesome. Like I could run miles. Then there are days when I wish they would just end. The sheer pain alone is beyond anything I could possibly explain, and then there's "food". Eating this makes me feel this way, eating that makes me feel that way... Tired... Oh please! That's just half the story. My whole body feels as though it can't move because it's so tired, I have to rest, it's all I can so, yet my mind is going 1000 miles a minute. So not right! So then what, I get rest, and then I feel great, and I want to RUN.... How on earth do you possibly explain that?
Yeah... My body, not always my friend!