Sunday, December 2, 2012

World wind travel

If someone told me that a person with MS would drive 17 hours straight I would laugh at you... oh wait... that person is me! Seriously! Florida to Ohio! Then tragedy struck and with my Grandmother's passing a service in Michigan was added to my trip. Almost 6 hours away, I had to figure out my plans. I needed to get home (Florida) but service was Saturday. So I did what any normal person would do. Saturday morning, I drove to Michigan (6 hours) attended the service, then drove home (6 hours). I then used Sunday to rest my eyes, legs, hip, and most importantly my back (we will leave my rear end out of it). Then Monday came, at 5:05 I had my 2 kids in the car and we "rolled". Well they slept, I rolled... I drove home...16 1/2 hours later I pulled into the drive. Nuts? Maybe. Driven, Ha! I know that is rather funny. But I have always loved to drive. I guess with MS that is one of my biggest fear. THAT DAY. The day when I can no longer drive, not 16 hours but for 5 minutes. It's a reality I know. Hopefully not for a long long time, but when that day comes it will be about as bad as the day I found out. Some things you just can't get back. My freedom to come and go, that will be a big one.
Since I could drive I have always loved the ability to "just go". Back in Ohio I would drive around when things were "yucky" and enjoy the scenery, well gas was around $1 at that time. When things were real bad, I made the drive up North to the lake to take it all in. That freedom of the drive, is something I can't image not having. So when people ask me, "why on earth would you do it?" It's simple... cause I can!
Love hitting the road!                                    Drive in style!

  States always welcome you                         The leaves are beautiful        

Just nothing like the views!