Thursday, April 12, 2012

The lighter side

I like to think I laugh through some of the "yucky" parts of life because sometimes that is just easier. Having pain, tummy pain, head aches and then the fear that this is just the beginning I guess comes with the territory. But I for one decided a while back I was "redefining" the territory. I wasn't going to just be a MS person mainly because I don't really know what that means. What does that mean? So often people can't even say what causes the disease and we all know there is no cure. So if we have no idea how to prevent something or cure it,  or what is "it" how do we "act" it... I think that is the big question... While there can never be an "act" about anything... When you tell someone you have cancer, they understand. They may not know what you are feeling, but they understand. When you tell someone you have diabetes they know, you need to watch what you eat and you have other health concerns. But when you say I have MS- so often you get a blank stare- and people have no idea what that actually means, and well... neither do I... well in the sense of how to relate that to someone. Cause while I may be laughing and having a great time one minute an hour later I might feel horrible and just want to sleep. I may want to go for a bike ride (yes seriously) and then come home and sleep for 3 hours. There are days when my legs are killing me (not because I went on a bike ride) and then there are days when I could walk for miles- and do! I guess I just have to think of it this way- I can't really explain it, but I have good days, I have great days, then I have days when getting out of bed was the bed accomplishment. Pounding head... yep their is a lighter side to it all while it sounds odd, I can talk about it all, write about, think about it... I'm here! I'm living! My steps are bigger these days, have a little more meaning, seem to need to reach a little farther... but for me as long as the feet are in cute shoes, the fact that they are steps... it suits me just fine... that's the lighter side!
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