Friday, April 20, 2012

Emotions run high

Have you ever started thinking about writing one thing and then moved in another direction? yeah that is kind of stuff going on in my life right now. While I am constantly posting about my MS and the stress that comes with... I often find that there are alot of times when I find so many great things in my life that focusing on survival, Survival- yes, doesn't really seem like something I need to talk about. Mental and physical. My body is going non-stop and my mind sometimes to forgets to remind the rest of me to just chill. But when I get that reminder, its hard and fast! Emotionally, I'm the queen of the world- are you kidding me... read my bio some day when you have time to kill! If I am not doing it, I am it! I just have to find that perfect medium... any ideas?
Well, I do know that I will continue to enjoy the art of peace and beauty... because I do know that photos provide that pleasure... and I totally enjoy it!