Friday, April 13, 2012


Long work days combined with worried nights add to the need for sleep. Sometimes life takes us by surprise. Events, people, and of coarse illness can be so unpredictable that we often find ourselves looking forward to the moments when we are lost in sleep. I often wonder when I see people in a wheelchair, do they dream about walking? Is it rude to ask? I know in some of my dreams I run- I mean really run... not hop along like I have no purpose, but run like I have to be first to finish the marathon. I don't run, for the record. The only running I ever have done was spiriting. I have always loved the sound of the "gun" followed by the quickness of people flying to the finish, only for it to be over with before it really started- yep the sprint. Long runs, that is just boring. Put me on a bike... now we are talking! Love the feel of the air in my face. In Florida it's almost impossible to find the "hills" I had growing up as a child, but that said, the wind is still there. I think when life is at its hardest, that's where I go... my bike, cool air hitting my face, hearing all the sounds around me. Then when I need a rest I see the lake in all its beauty- yes, sometimes you just need to sleep.