Friday, April 27, 2012

Keeping cool

Recently I was at the ball field (for those tuning in for the first time I have a daughter [10 years old] that plays softball and a husband that umpires our oldest daughter [17 years old] will be starting up soon) and someone asked me-  how do you keep cool, this is FLORIDA? Okay so that narrowed the question down. They weren't talking "field talk" they were talking temperature. Normally I don't use my blogs to self promote myself, I will share a few things that because you don't know what you don't know. I am a Thirty-one consultant (great company by the way). As I was talking with this mom, I pointed down to my personalized thermal tote. ICE PACKS! Oh yes! Being at a ball field anywhere from 3-8 hours on a Saturday or even a week day in Florida can take the best out of any one. League rules can be harsh for any one. But I have found with the line of Thirty-one products an ice packs, its a great pair for the perfect day! So a market thermal, thermal tote or the making memories thermal... the key is always have THERMALS and ice packs for your outing and you are bound to beat the heat!