Sunday, May 13, 2012

What really happens

Always amazes me in the life of MS the world of the crash. The big push, working to get something done, pushing yourself to beyond the breaking point and then your body says ENOUGH already. That came Thursday/Friday. Really Wednesday my body was already asking the question but as usual I had "stuff" to do, like school after a full work day. Thursday- I know my daughter had something (at this point I'm in blur mode), come Friday I had a meeting in Tampa that morning. As I was sitting there seriously looking at the clock and praying I was not volunteering for anything- all I could think of was- could I seriously drive home? Was it safe? Could I make it? I literately looked in my bag to see what kind of medication I had to "help" me get home, the stomach meds would keep me from having to stop, but wouldn't help the sleep issue. Long story short- I made it! My hubby (the awesome man who brings me hope daily) called to check on me and make sure if I needed anything he could get it on the way home... all I wanted was another "few hours" with my pillow... I got it! Waking up Saturday I was still a little weak and a lot not so me... but I felt so much better! And as Megan knows I finally did hit an awesome benchmark! So what really happens in the body of someone with MS... Oh yeah... who the heck really knows... but I do know that my body will let me know anytime I have done WAY TOO much and just shut it down... Wish it would just send an email, tweet, or Facebook me! I would read it! Promise :) I'm born to smile and have some fun... not live on a couch!