Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In bed

MS world FLORIDA is HOT! Oh I mean it! That said I am in bed paying for my weekend disrespect of the heat. Yea- I know, I know... I KNOW better! But now I am paying for it! So what's a girl to do... yep, blog about it... I decided log ago I wasn't going to let the words MS slow me down. But sometimes my body reminds me otherwise. Yep... this is that time. So not being able to get out of bed is one of those things that BOOM reminds you real quick, Hang up the super woman cape and take it easy... Note to self- Superwoman had to take naps, that's what commercial breaks are for! So short blog as I feel a nap coming on! Dang!

How do you deal with the heat? Love to know? Boating? the pool?