Tuesday, March 27, 2012

working cause I can

I do work, part of me does it cause I can, part of me it for the obvious reasons. Our family bills started taking care of themselves, oh wait, I'm awake... yeah someday... but until THAT day... I do work, cause I can! I do wish tho that my work sometimes reflected the fact that I am the one doing it.that's more of "life in blogging" but the fact is I have had so many people tell me how "proud, honored, inspired...etc." because they see all that I do... Ha! I think... I'm a "Shauger" I don't know anything else... you want something... you work for it! I want to be "okay", that means staying out of my bed! Yes- I am the new face of MS- get use to it, I'm working, cause I can!
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