Sunday, March 4, 2012


The weekend is two days... for those with MS know that "rest" is probably the most important part of true treatment. Drugs and therapy are one thing but REST is the single most important piece that really does make the difference. There are times that I have slept an entire weekend only to actually still feel tired. That's right- almost 48 hours of sleep, with a meal or two here or there, but just sleep... and then say, "Hmmm, I could use a nap". Now that is TIRED! During the week I have work, a child's practice schedule, game schedule, classes on Wednesday, late night work on Thursdays, and of course school work. Then come the weekends! Two whole days- 48 hours to fit in everything. To-do lists that often have "other people's" schedules poured in. Saturdays are generally given to those other people, leaving Sundays to me. -Well me and my family. I have often felt bad that I don't jump out of bed early in the morning and head to church. I have attended here and there, and love the church I go to. It is often so hard however to go. Sounds weird, I know. I play it by ear. I have a "no alarm" weekend rule for the days that "others" haven't given me a commitment. My body needs to be my alarm on those two days. There have been times when I woke up at 11 am- I have looked at my husband who is working on something and asked "why did you let me sleep so late?" only to hear him say "seems to me you needed it!" Other times he will be on his way out the door, and hearing him I jump out of bed so as not to miss out, only to feel exhausted much later and wish I had just let him go. So as Sundays come around each week and I know Monday is just around the corner... I have to remind myself... today God RESTED. He created the world in 6 days, then he rested... maybe in my hussle and bussle. I should learn to take time, rest and in that rest think of him... I am pretty sure he wouldn't mind!