Monday, March 12, 2012

Medicine Rollercoaster

Nuvigil is great! I mean it, really! For anyone that has fatigue issues- it's worth talking to your Dr. about! BUT (yep there is that BUT) when you miss a day or two for whatever reason your body crashes- and I mean crashes. The slightest things are so tedious  like walking (seriously) that getting out of bed requires a game plan and a strategy (and some serious motivation- cookies work). Joking aside, one thing leads to another and the next thing I know I am making a "pain pill cocktail" to deal with my leg cramps, back spasms, and tightening muscles in my hands... take this for that, that for this- but your can't that that.... ahhhh..... Knock me out and wake me when I'm better- would ya?
So here I am it's midnight... why am I up? NOT because I was laying in bed and realized I hadn't "blogged" in a few days- Nope, I'm WIDE awake because I picked up my prescription and now my body is hopped up like some junkie that just 8 downed redbulls and wants to party! I think you would die if you drank that much... none-the-less I am reminded once again why they tell you DON'T miss your medication... Nuvigil is GREAT and works GREAT but WOW.... tomorrow is going to be TOUGH!