Monday, March 19, 2012


Sometimes people talking walking for granted. Seriously... we are born unable to walk, we learn and we just do it without thinking about it. When you were 8 did you ever ask your parents- "how do I do this again- I forgot?"  Sure, sometimes accidents happen and require a cast or God forbid surgery with pins or even more serious items to help... but in the end the goal is to always get back to walking. You see people with canes, walkers, and crutches all designed to assist with walking cause its just natural. No one gives much thought to not walking as an option. For those that can't walk wheelchairs become a way of life.
But there some that are stuck.
Some people wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day they climb out of bed and walk around like normal (without thought) or struggle just to get to the bathroom. Each step begins to take on a whole new meaning when you aren't sure if it could be your last. When the step could be full of numbness, soreness, or  pain. The next day a regular day walking and standing tall enjoying every step knowing again then day could be very different!  While yesterday my children took me to the beach to remind me the beauty it held and we walked out there I was a little sore, today my left leg was doing its "MS" thing. I laid in my chair yesterday glad the car was close by, but also glad the sun was so bright and warm. Yeah, yesterday I was walking, today I am suffering! It happens, but I can't stop living and I can't stop moving because when that happens I've let the MS win. I always say I have MS 5 minutes a day, now its 10- the time it takes me to walk up the steps of my bathroom (yes my room is multilevel) and now (the extra 5 minutes) the time I write my blog. The rest of my day... I live my life... cause who has time for any thing else!
Sometimes laying at the beach is just as great as walking it!