Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Going to sleep tired and waking up tired. Never good! Putting on that happy face because today marks 10 years (birthday) of the last time I knew I would be a "new" mom.
We talked about it when we got together, we each had one from a previous marriage, and he had a son he had just found out about (LONG STORY). So THREE kids already (financially) having a bunch of kids (properly) just wasn't something we wanted to do. Nope we have dreams! Dreams of retirement! That sounds so weird now. But he still talks about it like it will happen, so I have to believe it will. But I am so tired! So the days that I find super hard to drag myself out of bed I remind myself of our vacations. Yes VACATION! He makes a point of not letting too much time go by without whisking me away to somewhere (kids or no kids) and reminding me to REST, and RELAX. The beach does me best, the sun (not my skin- sunscreen all the way), the sand, the cool breeze, and the warmth just have a way of calming away all my angst. I laugh when people ask me about my move.
I LEFT my family? Everyone who KNOWS me knows that I am super close to those crazy girls that party like rock stars while still claim the "mother-of-the-year" awards each year. Yep- those two are awesome chicks- and I miss them tons- Thank God for cellphones, email, and Facebook. Then there's Mom- Ahh- Facebook and email! How else do you share all that is wrong with the world these days? My blogs are great too! Sometimes it's those underlining messages that they pick up on that really are funny... I guess when it comes right down to it, they know me best, even when I'm tired!
Think I hear the waves!