Saturday, July 21, 2012

91 feels like 97???

"Feels like"... when it's hot and your brain is boiling and you hear the those words am I the only one that just laughs? And really- 91 is HOT! 6 more degrees didn't really throw it over the scale SO much that it ended it for me! It really only says- NO DUH! I kind of feel like its the same way on the other side of the scale... when its super cold your body doesn't set in and say I will maintain the state of "okay" but drop another degree I'm shutting down- hope that "feels like" temp doesn't get lower either.  Yeah- no! My body know three temps HOT COLD and Perfect... Yes... I've become goldee locks- oh well! But man, when that thud in my brain starts going and I am grateful for my ice pack... you know it's HOT! Looking forward to dinner at the beach tonight... or at least somewhere cool! Yes.... I LOVE MY FLORIDA beaches!!! Just not being HOT!