Saturday, July 7, 2012

Florida... for health reasons?

Anyone that knows about MS, knows that "heat" is something that you always have to be very careful about. Getting overheated is a serious issue. But then living up north can be just as bad. We had one maybe two cold days this year... I was beyond miserable. Every part of my body hurt, parts I didn't think temperature would affect, and I found that I couldn't cover up enough to stay warm. That was scary. Then I found out it was 43 (the wind chill was 34)- I know my Northern family is laughing thinking that's nothing... But I seriously thought if I was out for another moment I would die. Can you image snow? I wouldn't last a day!
So even though the daily high average lingers around 85-90 most of the year... inside, the A/C works great... everywhere! And when it gets real bad- that just means I haven't been to the beach, I need a good breeze to cool me down.
Yep... Florida for my health!