Thursday, August 2, 2012


Heading anywhere can be challenging... knowing what to pack, what you need, how long you will be gone... then add MS. Medication becomes an issue, travel arrangements themselves become an issue, and my favorite- do you even get to enjoy the trip because you are so tired, sore, and just worn out from it all? Travel is one of those things that you really need to have a plan. Some kind of strategy to keep your head on. I am certain that it is easier to have a plan and try to stick with it (including what happens when you just can't do something) than to not plan and have to cancel what you had scheduled to do.
A headache, leg pain, or fatigue can just finish a day. It helps to make sure you have a great support system, great people in your life. I am beyond blessed with a husband that encourages me and kicks me in the butt when I need that too! But he is so great to be my biggest champion even when he isn't right with me. So the times we do travel together... we always enjoy our time :) Travel with the one you love!