Friday, June 8, 2012

Right leg ache

My right leg for the last hour has just been killing me. No I wasn't running. Yes, I have been wearing the cutest shoes. I have worn them I million times. This is my calf. And PAIN that makes me want to run, but then rub my leg. PAIN! The pain in commericals. PAIN. That pain you hear about with fire, pins, needles, kicking like a kid. PAIN... Screaming right now would not be such a great idea. Not sure my go workers would think so highly about it. I would feel better. No, no I wouldn't... DANG! I do know that I have a prescription that speaks to this... at home.  Me... not there! Then I hear it... a HUGE rush of water, like a river rush up against the windows. Seriously? Am I that sensitive? Can't be! Won't have it! Dang! I do know that I want a heat pack, and a blanket... dang not cool... Just in pain!