Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sleepy, tummy, sinus, head wave

Okay I realize this is Florida. I understand I am in the greatest, sunniest, nicest place to live year round. I'm in spring break heaven. FOR MOST PEOPLE. But I happen to have a decease that involves of all things HEAT SENSITIVITY! Seriously?!?! Of all the things that could knock me to the ground... but that said- the cold (you know those two-three days) is even worse.

Lately I have been struggling with daily bouts of sinus mess (taking allergy medicine every day seems to be in vain). Only to suffer through increased stomach yuck, and headache nastiness from the rollercoaster of medication I need to take (half of which says "may cause headaches"- seriously?). So at some point I would love NOTHING more than to get off this ride and resume normal life but the wave I'm on wakes me up at night hoping to God I don't get sick on my now shorter trip to the bathroom (no stairs involved anymore). And while I struggle with the light no light, shower no shower at 2 am, my thoughts at some point turn to -gee, I hope all this racket isn't waking up Rich who will be getting up at 4:45 (he finally started getting up later after I begged him to).

Funny how your mind goes through a million thoughts as you try to work through things. No wonder sleep is the last thing I can do... those guys at Duke sure know what they are talking about! My "memory board" needs about 20 hours of sleep to clean house. Too bad my body isn't allowing that!

Ah... well behind the scenes of MS isn't always rosy, but at least its enlightening!