Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time in a Bottle

When I first started writing this blog it was two-fold. I know I've mentioned I wanted to capture and share life dealing with MS, but for me I've always wanted to be able to look back and see patterns, trends, and remember. The last part is probably the most important part. I often wonder why my Dr wanted to see me so frequently at first, it did taper off but he still wants to see me at least twice a year and that is combined with my regular Dr. Then it hit me, it really had nothing to do with my co-pay, it was because from one moment to the next I can just forget. Seriously! I can forget what's going on with me and that's scary! He is checking on me to see how well I am doing overall and also to see on the grander scale if he can see if I'm starting to "loose it" more and to what degree. While some memories in my life are as if they happened yesterday, I will sit and be bothered by other details that I can't remember. As though trapped in a vault of time, I know they are there, I just can't access them. Then as though someone found the key to  the files the memories will flow as though I had never forgotten it at all. Can be very frustrating.

So yes, this blog serves to share the ups and downs of living with MS. But it also provides a glimpse for me as to what in the world was going on in my life...
The working out details to stay cool when I clean my house. The awesome fun I have spending time with my husband. The great products (the chillow) I use to help me sleep just a little more comfy. And my fight to stay active despite horrible fatigue... walks are great after a nap!
My blog may be super funny at times, and super serious at others, but regardless I hope you enjoy this view and are able to get a little better understanding that helps you in your interactions with someone with MS. Cause really many days are just ...time in a bottle.