Saturday, August 24, 2013

A wish

With all that goes on in the world I would be selfish to list all my wishes or think that somehow mine are more important than someone else's. I know there are many that suffer much worse than me, and I know there are many that have problems like mine, that have no cure, but in their case, death comes sooner.

All that said, I do believe I share a similar wish. My weekends are generally the same- my recovery time, time for me and my body to mend. I do clean during the week, but I deep clean much as I can on the weekends (usually Sunday). Meanwhile my husband wakes up each weekend day around 6:30am to take our daughter to work, heads to the grocery store or some errand, and most times takes care of things around the house (the lawn, projects I've mentioned durning the week), and walks our dogs. During his morning routine, I rest, there are days I hop right out of bed and start cleaning, but most days I rest letting my body tell me when it's ready to emerge. Sometimes I literally just lay awake letting my muscles heal. 
With my latest issues to my right foot causing sporadic pain, rest and pain relievers seem to be my best option.  
My wish: is to lift the burden and be the "jump out of bed EARLY" person for my husband. To truly be his better half the way he is mine. To provide the smile he provides for me all the time. To be able to keep him company and not be in pain in the process. 
I feel robbed by MS, not as a victim, no, from the affects of the pharmacy merry-go-round. Taking medication for this that causes that- so taking medication for that which in turns causes this... And so it goes.  I know with all the other deceases out there a cure would be a huge unthinkable wish, so for now I would be happy with just being able to be a little bit more supportive for my husband, especially for all he does for me.
I know I am truly blessed, that said... I still would have just a little wish.