Friday, February 15, 2013

Rain, Rain Go away!- Sort of

Living in Florida I am blessed by temperature in a way. While "heat" will forever be a concern, air conditioning can be found anywhere and the beach is great as long as you remember to KEEP COOL!  The best part, is the lack of freezing cold (in the part of Florida I live in). For the most part we have 4-5 "super cold" freeze warning related days a year, meaning the temp drops into the 40's and 30's. Those are the days my body truly thanks me for my move from Ohio to Florida. Cold and my joints don't mix for long periods.
Rain... You would think living by the water we wouldn't need too much. OH SO WRONG! Unlike up North, we don't get snow, so from October to May (ish) it becomes our dry season. Once "hurricane" season is over we start a new season- FIRE season! So most people are relived when the drops start falling (we've had a wild fire burning totally our of control for several weeks now). But then there are people like me...
Gray skies don't help. They don't help my mood, my spirits, my life... They just don't help! Once more, I get cranky! Why? Because well... It's dark, its GRAY! Not the "Shades of Gray" naughty gray... GRAY... dark, yucky, gloomy, gray. They gray that makes people mean on the road gray (cause you know people need an excuse).  So YES I TOTALLY get that the ground needs the water, and to prevent drought (again) and watering restrictions we need as much rain as we can get... but this several days in a row thing... it's just not working for me! I need the sun to peek through the clouds and warm things up a little, after all this is Florida, the Sunshine state!

Love my beaches, and I love my Tradewinds!