Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Florida weather

Okay, I really shouldn't complain. And I'm not! Let's get that straight.  I do live in a paradise of sorts. There are approximately 6 super cold days out of the year... 359 days of warmth, 6 days where I am looking for my gloves and scarf- 6! BUT (oh yeah, I am seriously going to talk about those whole 6 days because one of those is sort of coming- and yes I said sort of) those 6 days are grueling on my body. In some cases it takes a couple of weeks for my body to fully recover. That mac truck... yeah.  So back to my "sort of" statement- I know- crazy- but Monday it was 82 degrees, come Friday it will be a high of 62-  (with a low in the upper 40's- ah that's a 20 degree difference!) If anyone is counting in five days the temperature dropped 20 degrees!  That is a TON of pressure in the area... my head is a mess!
When people "see" me they don't "see" MS. They don't SEE a woman in a wheelchair (what people assume), or a woman with a cane, or walker. I don't have a dog hanging out with me to make sure I can get through my day (although either one of mine would love to). I don't have an oxygen tank or any other medical devices. What I do have is a water bottle, a cell phone, a cute purse, a cute bag that holds all my other stuff for the day (I sell both the purse and the bags- and their personable too!).
When I walk fast its not because I'm in a hurry, well I might be, but its more likely because I can, I mean because I can walk fast... I will walk quickly for as long as I can. The heat (yes that bothers me too) will slow me down when it gets super hot, but I will drink lots of water so I can continue to enjoy my life!
So as the wind blows, and the rain hits, I'll remind myself... the sun will come out tomorrow!

Island Grand, St. Petersburg Fl, Sunset

I mean seriously... how could I really complain when THIS is my life?