Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tired, hot- tired of being hot!

I love when people talk about "hot flashes". Flashes. As in a starting point and an ending point. 
For some the time lasts a lot longer than they would like, but seriously, the word end... Ah, my word is basically avoid.

Avoid getting hot. Meaning internally hot. Hormonaly I still have a little plumbing (not much) that should help with what most people associate "hot flashes" with. But with my MS, my "hot" issues come from a deeper underlining issue.

Not truly regulating temperature. Have you ever seen someone working out side for a few moments just dripping with sweat? Yeah, that's not me. I can run a 5k and look like I just stepped out of a meeting that didn't go my way- my face is red, that's it. All my "heat" just stays in my body. Creating a boil affect, often with a headache/miagrane as the grand finale. Fans, A/C, ice packs, and a dark room become my retreat. 

My son went to take care of the lawn this morning. He had asked about weekend plans, I went out to see how things were going... He was dripping wet... I went in and got him a drink. Went out to see if I could work on my flower bed, and 5 minutes later I was back inside. It was way too hot. My dogs rushed me... Time to lay down! Rest! Yep.. Rest!