Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sharing the dream of health

One day soon we will wake-up when we feel like it, or when the alarm clock says its time to get up, cause we have work and snooze really isn't an option. There will no longer be a drug fog in the morning, or a brain fog period that reminds us of our illness. Instead, we will rise and just go about our day. No pain, no issues, no suffering.

Yep, that's my dream of health...

Till then, I will continue to wake several times a night, taking something in the middle of the night to get me through. Then waking to the sound of my alarm, reminding me I have work, and struggling to get myself out of bed. Once I am finally out of bed, take a mouthful of pills to "keep me healthy" or just counteract what one pill does because of another pill. Then get dressed (I know the visual is alarming), eat (or in my case drink a protein vitamin smoothie) and head to work. At some point during this routine I wake up. I do feed my dragons and my dogs, taking the dogs outside (never mixing up the two chores). And check on the kids.

At work, I realize that if I could have caffeine life may be better... or not. But either way, I'm tired and my day is long. What time is nap time? Oh, that's right I "grew up" I don't get nap time any more. Stupid rules! If I were president.....
Late night meeting (or softball, or something), then home... dinner... hopefully! Time for more medication. Already! Then my comfy bed!
Ah! Yep, I get to do this all over again tomorrow, cause Behind the scenes of MS, life looks "easy" but it hardly ever is!

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